Prices for our station-based bikes

in Boppard and Koblenz

Regular bike


Regular bike with 7-gear Shimano shift

  • €39,15 for 3 days
  • €60,90 for 5 days
  • €81,20 for 7 days



Woman's or men's bike with Bosch middle motor

  • €84,10 for 3 days
  • €130,50 for 5 days
  • €174 for 7 days



Hardtail mountainbike for offroad tours

  • €63,80 for 3 days
  • 101,20 for 5 days
  • 136,40 for 7 days

Child-/Youth Bike


Child- or youth bikes in different sizes

  • €32,40 for 3 days
  • €50,40 for 5 days
  • €67,20 for 7 days

The prices for station-based bicycles and e-bikes apply during our opening hours at the stations. Typically, these are from 10 am to 6 pm, and during the summer months, depending on demand, they may extend from 9 am to 7 pm.

Please always refer to our booking section for the currently applicable prices. There, you will also find the prices for all other bicycles and accessories.

The bicycles can be picked up at our station in Boppard or Koblenz and must be returned to the same station.


Prices and flat-rate offers for our bike sharing system

Flat-rate offers must be purchased in the app before starting the ride.
For all pricing options, the desired bicycle can be reserved for free in the app for 10 minutes.